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Jul 1, 2016


Summer has finally arrived, and with it the hot days, always begging for a cold swim. But also, the desire to watch the sunset to the taste of a cold drink, while waiting for the warm night to come. Robinson les Bains has thought of this, and is the ultimate beachwear and after-beachwear for the classy and elegant gentleman.


Combining sport and fashion, Robinson Les Bains is a luxury brand from France, specialized in men's beachwear, founded in 2007 by Christophe Vérot. The brand's name was inspired by Daniel Defoe's hero Robinson Crusoe inspired the brand name, as well as the idea of isolated beaches and adventure, and the correlation between self-affirmation and self-esteem, while "Les Bains" alludes to the old fashioned Spa Resorts and the French way of life.

Christophe Vérot was born in Saint Etienne, France, graduating from a business school and les Beaux arts. He became a fashion connoisseur, following his many positions in the fashion industry. He worked in Public Relations for Hermès, Balenciaga and Viktor & Rolf, and in sales for the also renowned Dior Homme, Louis Vuitton, Yves Saint Laurent, Céline. A good and passionate water polo player, he has always loved to be close to the sea. One day, during vacations, he started to realize that he couldn't find a bathing suit that he liked, and decided to create his own line of bathing shorts.

Robinson les Bains' first ever collection was inspired by the university sports teams' uniforms, worn by students in the United States of America (USA) in the 1950's 1960's. Every year, Robinson les Bains chooses a different destination, that will serve as an inspiration for the coming season's theme, thus referring to the end of graduation, when the young men from those universities would travel and discover the world. The styles are created and designed to be comfortable, with details that make the difference.

Robinson Les Bains' swimwear clothing is characterized by the high-quality fabrics sourced in Italy and France. To complement the permanent models, a new range of colours, patterns and prints are created every season. For this, Christophe dyes one fabric (a mix of cotton and spandex) in an original colour composition, and as the suit fades through wash and wear, the piece acquires a vintage look.

Robinson Les Bains' swimwear line includes kids' bathing clothes, as well as several men's swimwear models, such as the shorts models are Positano, Oxford Court, Oxford Express, Cambridge Long, Sorrento, Oxford Long or Oxford Extra Long. The trunks line models include the Yale, Benirras, Stanford, Berkeley, Harvard, Cielo, Malfi and Bidart models.

After the success of the swimwear line, Christophe felt the time had come to venture in the elaboration of the "after beach" line, dedicated to that sunset and cold drink. In sum, clothes meant to accompany the beachwear line, that includes t-shirts, shorts, polos, shirts, and pants. To complete all this, it was added the accessory line which features several types of bags, paper holders or bags that convert into towels, making the brand even more appreciated.

Robinson les Bains is the only swimsuit brand with a complete line of swimwear clothing, featuring pieces composed of unique colours, as well as fabrics and patterns, inspired by the vintage style. It is a brand created for the young gentleman, sensible about his look both on the beach and in the city.

Robinson les Bains
14 rue Saint Claude 75003 Paris -France

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