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Oct 1, 2015

55 Years of Marine Fitting

Decon is a well established name in marine outfitting, respected worldwide and used to handle large and complex projects that range from new builds to restorations and ships adaptation to comply with new maritime laws and standards.


Established in Piraeus in 1960 by Markos Kioukas, it was a sole proprietorship company in the sector of shipbuilding carpentry. Initially, the Company was involved in vessel interior design and outfitting, as well as in the construction, supply and installation of fixed and mobile furniture, using wood as the main raw material.

By staying abreast of technological developments and observing new safety requirements, Decon has been certifying and producing its own B15-A60 partition materials since 1993 and has incorporated all new construction methods, using fire-resistant building and decoration materials, into its production and execution.

In 2006, the company renewed its engineering equipment and acquired new, modern office and production facilities in the area of Aspropyrgos, Attica. These new facilities consist of a 5,000m2 indoor area on a 10,000m2 plot.

The Company's restructuring saw the creation of research, procurement and project design and management departments. Decon has expanded its field of activity and, depending on the client's needs, it can now undertake the design, management and execution of technical projects in their entirety, covering the full range of necessary actions.

After fifty five years of consistent, continuous work, Decon currently enjoys wide confidence and recognition in the sector market, with offices and work locations in eight countries around the world.

One of the main field of operation for Decon is private yachts. Decon knows what you want and shares the client's desire for something unique. The company has the passion, knowledge and experience necessary to provide what the buyer aims for. And they also know the particularities and necessities of such an endeavour.

A team of specialized associates, project managers, shipbuilders, designers and craftsmen can make the new yacht owner's dreams come true.

Decon makes a strict selection of raw materials, accessories, materials, production and implementation processes, while continuously monitoring the realization of everything that is promised to the client.

With quality control at every stage of production, Decon knows that this is the only way to achieve the very best.

The company also dedicates itself to other fields of activity, such as new constructions, where it has successfully participated in new constructions, in cooperation with major Shipyards, including giant cruise ships (both oceanic and river cruises) and ferrys.

Working with ship reconstructions and repairs is a big part of the company's business. Proposing, selecting and intervening wherever and in every manner necessary, depending on the upgrade or refitting requirements of each case. Consequently, Decon always achieves the best results, saving the client's money and sparing unnecessary expenses.

No matter how complex the nature of the reconstruction, the company is able to realize and manage the entire project. From carpentry, plating, electrical and plumbing work to air-conditioning, painting, upholstery, carpeting work, etc, regardless of the complexity and demands of technical requirements, the schedule, the size or the budget of the project, resulting, many times, in a turnkey concept.

Can a client ever imagine that from the start to the end of any project, one person will be at his/her disposal to answer all questions? And furthermore, can a new owner imagine that the only thing expected would be to get there when the project is completed so it may be delivered? It can be done!

Decon is aware of the difficulties in executing a technical project, regardless of how complex, multiform or demanding it might be.

What is vitally important is the successful coordination of all parties involved. Throughout the last 55 years Decon has developed a network of strictly selected external associates, able to provide the best services available in its market, hired locally or from across the globe. The only thing that really matters is to deliver the best services for costumer satisfaction.

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