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Nov 30, 2015

50 Shades of Carrara

For thousands of years, the Carrara marble has been acclaimed by emperors and artists. Michelangelo's David and Pietà sculptures were made with Carrara marble, because of its fine grain and good plasticity properties, and Julius Cesar adored this stone, with all the major public buildings, architectural works, sculptures and patrician houses in Rome, for example the Pantheon, the Trajan's Column and the Pyramid of Cestius made with white Carrara marble.


There are a few different types of Carrara marble, the main difference being the purity of the white – whiter means more expensive, and the quantity of gray veins, which also vary both in intensity – more or less stained – and in spacing, since these veins can have more space between them, or more concentrated in specific areas of the piece. The more common types are White Carrara Marble, or type C, which is more commercial, with white background and gray veins well distributed through the stone; and the White Carrara Marble Gioia, with a very white background and well defined, dark gray veins.

Marmi Di Carrara

Marmi di Carrara Srl has been active in the stone sector since 1956 offering their own as well as exclusive ranges of marble, granite, onyx and stone products. The company specializes in finding rare and precious materials and supplying quality products at the best prices for project work and large scale installations.
Marmi di Carrara have their own geologists in the field selecting products from quarries in the countries the materials originate from, where the affiliated operating companies manage production based on market demand.

A team of experts is constantly engaged in fieldwork at the various different quarries in the Apuane Alps to select the best types of Statuario, Carrara, Gioia, Arabescato, Calacatta and other similar marbles. All products are checked and tested before being placed on the market.

Exclusive products, as well as the standard range, are used in the laboratory facilities to carry out high-level projects combining tradition and experience with the most innovative technology.

The company site is spread over a 30.000 m2 area which houses the various production and office facilities. The site includes those facilities required to carry out each and every phase of the production cycle: heavy-duty equipment for the excavation and transport of raw material; a derrick in the workshop yard for hoisting and lifting, transporting and storing; block cutting machines; frames for both marble and granite slab production; stone-working machines for dressing and finishing; bridge type milling and waterjet stone-cutting machines to handle any kind of project. Technical staff at Marmi di Carrara is specialized in carrying out projects directly from architect drawings or autonomously developing them.

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