DYK-JUL-2017[3] - street

No name

5 October, 2017

The streets in Japan mostly do not have names

DYK-JUL-2017[3] - book

Guinness book

4 October, 2017

Guinness book of records was included in the Guinness book of records, as a record book by the number of Guinness records in one book

DYK-JUL-2017[3] - air

Poisoned air

3 October, 2017

The air in Beijing is so poisoned that breathing it is like smoking 21 cigarettes every day

DYK-JUL-2017[3] - araneus

Every morning

2 October, 2017

Araneus diadematus every morning eats its spiderweb, and then weaves it again