DYK JUL 2017[2] - immortality


20 September, 2017

None of the people had a belief as strong in immortality as that of the Celts. They could borrow money to return it in another world

DYK JUL 2017[2] - road

Singing roads

19 September, 2017

In Japan, there are unique singing roads: if you move on them at a certain speed, you can hear their tunes

DYK JUL 2017[2] - romanov

Romanov dynasty

18 September, 2017

Each monarch of the Romanov dynasty always left to his heir a territorially larger country than he had received from his father.

DYK JUL 2017[2] - married


16 September, 2017

Actors who performed Mickey and Minnie Mouse got married in real life.