DYK JUL 2017 - cities

Secret cities

11 August, 2017

In Russia, there are at least 15 secret cities. They don't appear on maps, there are no directions through traffic signals, and even foreigners are forbidden to approach them

DYK JUL 2017 - lawsuit

$5 bilion lawsuit

10 August, 2017

Donald Trump filed a $ 5 billion lawsuit against the journalist for defamation. This consisted in the fact that the journalist called him a millionaire, not a billionaire

DYK JUL 2017 - chupa

Chupa Chups

9 August, 2017

Chupa Chups logo was created by surrealist painter Salvador Dali in 1969

DYK JUL 2017 - sex

Think about sex

8 August, 2017

On average, men between the ages of 12 and 19 think about sex at least once every five minutes