DYK ABR 2017-catfish

Male Catfish

12 April, 2017

A male catfish keeps the caviar in its mouth until the young catfish begin to hatch from it.

DYK ABR 2017-people_dream

People dream

11 April, 2017

95% of people have a dream which could be realized before the end of a week, they, instead, make a dream of all their life out of it.

DYK ABR 2017-cramp

Cramp in water

10 April, 2017

With a sudden cramp in the water, ring with a needle to where it twitches - a cramp immediately would go away. More than 80% of drowned people were drowned precisely because of convulsions

DYK ABR 2017-jogging

Jogging and brain

8 April, 2017

Jogging makes memory better and increases the activity of brain