DYK JAN 2017-table

Office Table

13 March, 2017

On the surface of an ordinary office table there are 400 times more bacteria than on a toilet seat.

DYK JAN 2017-propose

Propose to a man

11 March, 2017

February, 29, in Ireland is the day when women propose to men. This tradition takes its roots in a XI century law, obliging a man who would refuse her proposal, pay a fine.

DYK JAN 2017-arrow

Mediaval bow

10 March, 2017

An arrow, shot from a medieval bow, could cover a distance over 300 meters, - it is the length of two football fields.

DYK JAN 2017-university


9 March, 2017

The oldest functioning university is situated in Bologna, - it was founded in 1088