DYK JAN 2017-lipstick


23 February, 2017

On an average, in 5 years a woman applies so much lipstick on her lips that, if placing all that lipstick into one tube, its length would be equal the height of the woman

DYK JAN 2017-thespear

The Spear

22 February, 2017

The spear stopped being the official armament of the British army in 1927

DYK JAN 2017-whale

Blue whale

21 February, 2017

The tongue thickness of a blue whale is over 3 m, it weighs more than the weight of an elephant. However, the weight of a large whale's eye is just some 1 kg each

DYK JAN 2017-transport

Public transport

20 February, 2017

In Norway, it isn't common to give place for elderly people in public transport. Such gesture is a sign that you emphasise your own physical superiority