8 November, 2016

Your fingers don't have muscles.


Metaphysical meaning

7 November, 2016

The card deck has metaphysical meaning: 52 cards represent 52 weeks of the year, 4 suits – seasons, 13 cards of the same suit – 13 lunar cycle phases. Summing up all the card meanings of a playing...

DIK after death

After death

5 November, 2016

After death the brain keeps working for 7 minutes, and, during these 7 minutes, one lives all his/her life over again, as if in a dream, because in a dream the time extends. Being so, what if you are...

DIK Alice

Alice in Wonderland

4 November, 2016

In psychiatry, a syndrome accompanied by depersonalization, time and space, own body and surrounding environment perception disorders, is officially called "Alice in Wonderland".