Pull Ups


27 June, 2016

54-year old Marc Jordan living in Texas set new record on the number of pull-ups per day – 4321 times. This achievement is listed in the Guinness book of records.



26 June, 2016

Lonomia - one of the most dangerous caterpillars in the world. It is able to release as much toxins that can easily kill a human.


Cannibal Holocaust

25 June, 2016

"Cannibal Holocaust" - one of the most realistic and brutal horror film, banned in more than 60 countries around the world.

Naga Chili Vodka


24 June, 2016

Naga Chilli – the most explosive vodka in the world.

In the ranking by Scoville - the international method of evaluating pungency of chili pepper, this vodka has 100 000 units, which is defined...