Other Countries

What NOT to do in other countries

29 April, 2016

China: do not offer clocks or umbrellas.

Singapore: do not eat in public transport.

New Zealand: do not use a car honk, it is considered extremely rude.

Very Frequent Sex

A very frequent sex

29 April, 2016

Very frequent sex - from five to seven times a week – helps to improve on a spiritual and intellectual level. Active sex life, according to scientists, increases optimism and energy levels, and promotes...

Kazakh Medeo

Highest skating ring

29 April, 2016

Medeo is the highest skating ring in the world. Currently, Medeo is the highest complex in the world for winter sports with the largest area of ​​artificial ice field, 10. 5 thousand m2....


Men under risk

28 April, 2016

Men are 4 times more likely to have kidney stones than women.