Tetrachromacy how many colors

How many colors?

6 April, 2016

Tetrachromacy is the innate human ability to distinguish up to 100 million colours. A normal human eye distinguishes only about 1 million.

Vostok Station Coldest Temperature

The lowest temperature

6 April, 2016

In July 21st, 1983 the Vostok station recorded the lowest temperature on Earth: -89,2°C.

Honesty of tired people

Which people are more honest?

5 April, 2016

Tired people tend to be more honest. If you feel that your strength is up to limit, it's best to tactfully keep your mouth shut, just in case.

Hug Trust and chemicals

How to build a trust?

5 April, 2016

In an ordinary twenty-second hug the body receives a special chemical that helps trust more in those whom you cuddle with.