How big is the pyramid?

How big is the pyramid?

27 March, 2016

The base of the Egyptian Pyramid of Cheops is comparable to the size of ten football fields.

Cigarrete Flavour

Flavour of cigarettes

26 March, 2016

Urea, a substance contained in the urine, is added to cigarettes for additional flavour.


How to kill cockroach?

25 March, 2016

Cockroaches with their head severed can keep on living for about 9 days, and they then die, but of hunger.

How to cut garlic. Anti-cancer/

How to cut Garlic?

24 March, 2016

After cutting garlic, it should be given 10 minutes to rest. During this time the enzymes that it contains interact with the air, and their anti-cancer properties will grow to 90%.