What NOT to Do?

8 March, 2016

What NOT to do in other countries, not to get into trouble - Part I

France - Not a word about money.

Japan - Do not leave a tip.

USA - Do not forget to leave a tip.


Salted or Fresh?

8 March, 2016

Lake Balkhash, in Kazakhstan, is half fresh water and the other, salt water. The separation of fresh and salt water is very noticeable.


Your Friend

8 March, 2016

Dolphins recognize friends even after many years have passed.


Largest Uranium Mining

7 March, 2016

Kazakhstan took 3rd place in the world for uranium mining in the 2005 - 2006 fiscal year, but in 2009 came in first place with a weight of uranium mined 13,500 tons, whereas in 2006, it produced 4020...