About Your VIP Partner

The Your VIP Partner magazine is a global business magazine for companies, entrepreneurs, prestigious institutions, liberal professionals, executives, academics, students and all those who have a passion for the business world. As for its editorial line, it is an apolitical magazine focused on corporate business and partnerships between companies and investors - more than a magazine – it is your VIP partner for business.

We publish, in a concise and direct way, stories about innovative brands, the most famous and lesser known companies from sectors like industry, technology, sports, science, tourism, lifestyle, luxury and fashion, home and design, food and beverages, culture, health, arts and economy. 

We are not a publication about luxury, fashion and lifestyle. For us, VIP is to be a serious partner in the expansion and/or implementation of your business through the impact that our articles have on the various sectors of activity. We are a platform through which you can promote your business and discover new partnerships and business opportunities. We provide you with contacts you can use to establish a direct relationship, for example, with a new supplier.

Born in year 2000, Your VIP Partner has redefined itself in 2014, when the management moved its newsroom and head office to Cascais, in Portugal. It became a bilingual magazine, published in English/Portuguese and English/Russian which conquered new markets. In 2016, Your VIP Partner entered the Chinese market with English/Mandarim edition, as well as reached an agreement with Mexico, and is now working on a future edition in English/Spanish.

With recognized editorial and graphic quality, its 120,000 copies arrive, at the moment, in 40 countries, making the publication a consultation of reference and a real channel of communication between people.